Far and Away

Elliot Racine
Elliot Racine


Elliot Racine: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Voice,  Viola, Melodica, Omnichord. Patricia Soria Urbano: Voice.


Verse 1:

Well he’s coming to take you far, far away

Far from friendships and family, and connections you’ve made

To a far-off existence

In a far-removed place

He’s coming to take you away

Verse 2:

“A woman is weak” is what the TV shows say,

The TV shows he watches all through the day

So he twists up your kindness

And turns it into your chains

He’s coming to take you away

Verse 3:

You will find yourself livin’ in a prison he’s made

Where you are his captive, and you are his slave

And you’ll put yourself through it

Because you want him to stay

He’s coming to take you away

Verse 4:

He ain’t no different than nobody else

He has but one person he can own for himself

It ain’t you, it ain’t me we all need to live free

There is only one person

And that person is he