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Curiosity, by Elliot Racine just might be the sound of curiosity itself. Through this potent brew of of reflective lyrics, funky beats, rockin’ psychedelia, and jazzy harmonies played on approximately 40 musical instruments from every corner of the globe, one can practically hear Racine asking questions like, “What can I do with this instrument?”, “What can I do with this sound?”, and “How are these styles related?”. 

As Naghmeh Shafiei described it on, “Curiosity is a perfect blend of dope basslines, strong vocals, and sounds from a variety of instruments”. Along with influences of funk, rock, and jazz, elements of traditional and folkloric music from around the world are vital ingredients in the brew that is Curiosity—in the music itself, and extending into the album’s liner notes, which include pictures and descriptions of the various instruments used. At the center of this confluence of instruments is Elliot Racine’s primary instrument, the bass, and Curiosity is full of bass solos and lines that could catch the attention of any player or fan of the instrument. As a lyricist, Curiosity finds Racine in a place unprecedented in his earlier work. The control and ease with which he navigates between the introverted and the extroverted, and the plain and the impressionistic, are the marks of a songwriter who has put in the time to master his craft. 

Elliot Racine describes his music as being music for the body as well as the mind, and Curiosity is no exception to that. Put on Elliot Racine’s Curiosity and dance if you want to dance, or sit back if you want to sit back. Put on Curiosity and wonder, ask questions, and be curious.

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Curiosity is a perfect blend of dope basslines, strong vocals, and sounds from a variety of instruments” - Naghmeh Shafiei


…A really fine CD” - Don Campau