Elliot Is Recording a New Album

Hi Friends,

Right now I am working hard on recording a new album, and I want to tell you a bit about it. One of the first things that you will notice about the album will be the instrumentation. I will reveal what the instrumentation will be when I get closer to releasing the album, but for now, I can tell you that I, at least, have never heard of any albums that have the same instrumentation that I will use on this one. I do have a title for the album at this point, but as with the instrumentation, I will reveal it when I get closer to releasing the album.

Another thing that you will notice about the album is that it will be very rootsy. This album will draw heavily from the influence of a lot of the folkloric and traditional music from around the world—the music of our ancestors. All of my music does, but that side of it will come through very clearly in the composition, tonalities, and rhythms on this album. One of the things that I strive for as a creator and performer of music is a sense of timelessness. I strive to make music that feels like it could be 1,000 years old and five minutes old at the same time. I strive to make music that feels both ancient and fresh. This album will definitely be keeping with that tradition of mine.

Recording this album will be a process that will require many steps. There will be many twists and turns, and some surprises along the way. There will be new things happening all the time. It will be exciting. It will be an adventure. I will post updates on elliotracine.com/new-album-updates and on my social media on a regular basis—probably at least once a week—so you can track the progress and take part in the adventure.

I'm really excited. Thank you all.