Curiosity Turns 5

Five years ago, in July 2016, I released my album, Curiosity. Curiosity was an opus for me. Between composing and writing the material, practicing the parts, recording the tracks, and producing everything, the creation of Curiosity took me three and a half years. Curiosity turning 5 is something that I am celebrating. As part of that celebration, Curiosity will be on sale for $5.00 in all digital and physical formats at through July. 

The poster that I made for the record release party (which was in October 2016) will also be on sale for $5.00 at through July.

1% of all digital and physical album sales, donations for live stream concerts, and poster sales on will go to Piikani Lodge Health Institute. Piikani Lodge Health Institute is an Indigenous founded and led 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing on translational strengths such as improved community economics, adaptation to a changing climate, health promotion, and disease reduction, through bench science and the reclamation and integration of traditional cultural lifeways, while expanding our connection to the land and its biosystems.