Songwriting Camp with Elliot Racine

Online Event

Three Saturdays, April 2, 9, 16 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Zoom Cost: $150 Registration deadline: Wednesday, March 30. After you register, you will receive an email from the teacher within a few days prior to the start of the class. It will contain the Zoom link to attend and any other notes from the teacher.

Join songwriter, bass player, and composer Elliot Racine for Songwriting Camp! In this three-session workshop, we will learn how to take our songs from inception to completion, we will learn techniques we can use to grow and practice our songwriting, and it will all culminate in an online concert in which those of us who want can share the songs that we have written!

Session 1: Starting and Structure In our first session, we will learn about methods that we can use to start writing songs, including writing songs from lyrical ideas, rhythmic ideas, title ideas, and more. We will do exercises to get firsthand experience with the methods that we learn about, and those who would like to will be encouraged to share what they write as we do our exercises. In Session 1, we will also learn about song form and structure. We will learn about the different parts of a song, how they fit together, and how we can use them in our own songwriting.

Session 2: Technique and Finishing In our second session, we will learn about songwriting techniques such as using perfect or imperfect rhymes, or no rhymes at all, similes, metaphors, connecting words to music, connecting music to words, and more. We will also learn about methods we can use to finish writing songs, such as listening to our feeling, getting a song to a place where any change will just make it different, but not necessarily better, chipping away at a song until it feels great, and more. As we did in our first session, we will do exercises with what we learn about in Session 2, and those who would like will be encouraged to share.

Session 3: Wrap-Up and Concert In our third session, we will take some time to ask a few more questions, wrap anything up that we didn’t get a chance to wrap up in the first two sessions, and then we will have the concert! Any participants who would like to share the songs they have written will be encouraged to do so. Participants who would like to invite friends, family, and significant others to watch will be encouraged to do so. It’s a concert!