The Broken Record in Your Head: Navigating Insecurity in the Music Scene

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Online workshop with Elliot Racine.

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Registration deadline: Wednesday, September 7. After you register, you will receive an email from the teacher within a few days prior to the start of the class. It will contain the Zoom link to attend and any other notes or materials from the teacher.

Have you ever experienced impostor syndrome? Ever observed another musician and wished you had their level of talent? On a deeper level, perhaps you have experienced prejudice, phobia, racism, or sexism in the music scene, for reasons beyond your control. Or, perhaps you are simply sick and tired of battling stage fright! This workshop will help you navigate the personal challenges and insecurities we face as musicians in various music and performance settings. A Berklee College of Music alum, Elliot participated as a mentor for recent graduates in the school’s mentorship program. Elliot will facilitate discussion and exercises that all levels of musicians can relate to and learn from, whether playing music as a hobbyist, semi-professional, or professional.