Songwriting from Start to Finish with Elliot Racine

Online Event

Hi friends,

I will be teaching an online songwriting workshop through Dusty Strings on June 12. You can register for the workshop and see details at

To know that Dusty Strings would see something in my creativity and expression that would compel them to share it with the world is an honor indeed.

In my workshop, titled Songwriting from Start to Finish, you'll explore:

•Song form and structure: verses, choruses, bridges, intros, outros, A sections, B sections, and more •Ways to start writing a song: starting from a title, subject, lyric, melody, rhythm, and more •Ways to finish writing a song: chipping away until the song feels great, listening to your gut, and getting to the place where any change makes the song different (but not necessarily better!) •Using sensory information, similes, and metaphors •Using rhymes and near-rhymes •Connecting lyrics to music and/or music to lyrics •Songwriting exercises and how to practice writing: stream of consciousness free-write, writing about what you see in front of you, writing at least one line every day for a week, and more exercises to spark your creativity

I’m going to do what I can on my end to make this is a workshop that songwriters of all experience levels can get something out of. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been writing songs for years, creation of music is one of the things that makes my world go round, and sharing it with you in this way is something that is very exciting to me.